Get down and dirty on your adventures without the worry. All Dog Pack gear is machine washable!

Machine Washable

Look AND feel good! Dog Pack products use ethically made fabrics designed with pigment printing — a process that reduces water, material, energy, and waste.


With only the highest quality materials, Dog Pack products are made by me, Megan!

Made by a Dog Mom

Hi! I'm Megan and I aDog Pack Collars

Hello, my name is Megan (she/her),


My creative journey began at the University of Oregon, where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, Fiber, and Multimedia. 


In 2015, my husband and I adopted our first dogs together: Darrow and Holly. As I looked for durable dog wear, I noticed a lack of fun and washable options. So, I put my background in fibers and creative arts to work. 


My handmade goods for Darrow and Holly caught the attention of friends and family. Soon, the requests came pouring in. Barley, Drizzle, Hank, Widgon, and Brody were the first furry family members to test my dog wear. Their size, strength, lifestyle, and personality differences inspired designs as unique as each dog. 


Today, Dog Pack wear is hand-crafted with the same care. The only difference is the size of our pack!  


Everyone is welcome aDog Pack Collars