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Bandana Specifications:

Matching Collar + Bandana Set:

Features a collar with matching over the collar bandana. 



You can choose: collar size, collar width, collar buckle, and over the collar bandana size. 


Plastic Buckle $28.00

Metal Buckle $34.00

3/4" metal buckles not offered.

Over the Collar Bandanas:

Over the Collar Bandana’s slip onto a dogs collar.


Small: 10.5" wide x 7.5".

Medium: 11.5" wide x 8.5".

Large: 13" wide x 10".

Extra Large: 15.5" wide x 12".



Tie Bandanas:

Tie Bandana’s tie over your dog’s neck.


Small: 21” x 6” at widest and longest.

Medium: 29” x 9” at widest and longest.

Large: 35” x 11” at widest and longest.

Extra Large: 40" x 12" at widest and longest.


Single Layer: $20.00