Dog Pack Leader Special Collectio

Each Dog Pack Collars Leader has picked out a special print just for you!


Millie and Meeko's
HighDesert Escape


I designed this print to represent the variety of colors you see in the high desert. We live in Central Oregon and the variety of landscape here is amazing! In the print, the black represents the lava rock, the gold represents the sun (over 300 sunny days a year here!), the teal represents the Cascade lakes, and the rust represents the desert. I hope this print inspires people to get outside with their dogs and admire the beauty around them!


Dodgeing the Rapids

I chose the kayaking print to represent Dodge in the Dog Pack Leader Collection because it is something special I do with Dodge. I started Kayaking with Dodge when he was 12 weeks old. He is the best kayaking buddy a dog mom could ask for. I know we aren’t the only ones who go kayaking with their dogs so I thought this would be perfect to add to Dog Pack Collars! I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s adventures in our print! Happy Kayaking 😊

Cruz'in Through The Woods


We named Cruz for my hometown of Santa Cruz County which is famous for its beautiful redwood forests that overlook the Pacific Ocean. This print reminds us of hiking on a foggy morning through the Santa Cruz Mountains with Cruz.


Nuka's Wanderlust

"I chose that print because I love minimalist boho prints a lot and immediately liked the vintage blue/green - which also suits Nuka so well :) It was so much fun to pick our very own dog pack leader design. 🌿💛"

It's Dangerous To Go Alone, Take Zelda


“I picked this print because it screams Aztec/Tribal vibes, which so happens to be Zelda’s true aesthetic. The blue matches our pup wagon perfectly! All in all, this print represents Zeldas wild/adventurous and calming spirit.”

IMG_1111 2.JPG

Sammy Gator


Sammy I love to chomp on everything gator.  She is the best bad to the bone superhero gator dog anybody could know!  So when we couldn’t narrow down the personality option for Sammys print we turned to our followers and you all clearly admire her gator side.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support and love, we hope you enjoy the Sammy gator print as much as we do.

IMG_2065_jpg 2.jpg

Flint's Peak

“Flint’s Peak is inspired by our love for adventuring, especially hiking! Our family lives in the Carolinas and we try to get up to the NC mountains whenever we can. We hope you like our design!”


Black Lives Matter

“Hi everyone, my name is Noke Chan and for my print, I chose “Black Lives Matter” as a reminder to us all that the revolution is not over even if it is not being televised. Societal injustices are still happening and we must actively fight against this oppression. Even the most tiniest acts of kindness to each other will help make this world a better place.”

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 4.57.42 PM.png

Molly's Tangerine Dream

“We thought rainbows, citrus, and lots of sunshine would make any doggo feel good. Molly is all about the good vibes. We hope you like Molly’s Tangerine Dream as much Molly loves treatos.”

DCE7D3F9-F8A8-4B12-8BD1-3857BE28A62F 2.JPG

Buoy Takes Flight

Buoy's PDX carpet print!