Dog Pack Leader Special Collectio

Each Dog Pack Leader spent time picking out the perfect print that they knew their followers would love and NEED to have.


Two of our Leaders even designed their own prints for YOU!

I am offering a pre-order for this one-of-a-kind collection because it will sell quickly. Participating will guarantee you the item you want.


Pre-order will start this Thursday and will last one week.

Processing time is 3-4 weeks.

Millie and Meeko's High
Desert Escape

Designed by Meeko's Mom!

Buoy Takes Flight

Buoy's PDX carpet print!

It's Dangerous To Go Alone, Take Zelda

Zelda's print!

Molly's Tangerine Dream

Molly's print!

Nuka's Wanderlust

Nuka's print!

Black Lives Matter

Noke's print!

Dodgeing the Rapids

Dodge's print!

The Lymrik

Loki & Lymrik's print!

Cruz'in Through The Woods

Cruz's print!

Sammy Gator

Sammy's print!

Flint's Peak

Desinged by Flint's mom!