3 Truths You Will Always Find When Buying From A Handmade Business

A handmade business is a small business.

Those of us running small handmade businesses are so utterly dedicated to what we do. We have so much passion and drive for the things we create, unlike big businesses that lack all passion and dedication to the customer... Your kidding yourself if you think a big business actually care about you and your dog. They are in it purely for the $$$.

Here at Dog Pack Collars “ we” are really… a 1-woman team. So here are “my” 3 truths you will always find when buying from a handmade business.

1) A commitment to our craft.

I can guarantee you all handmade small business owners are the most committed, dedicated people you will ever meet. We spend months of trial and error, and thousands of hours of perfecting and developing our craft to be the best it can be. You will not find someone more passionate.

2) A community.

Behind every handmade business is a person, or two, maybe a team but no matter how many or how few when you buy from a handmade business you are joining and supporting a community.

3) Quality.

When purchasing from a handmade small business an individual or small team personally takes their time to construct the items you purchased perfectly. We, as makers and small business owners are our harshest critics and that is because we have the highest expectations for our craft.

This also means your items cant be shipped as fast as big businesses can… but at least you know someone made your item with you actually in mind; they made it with care, with love, with commitment, and heart.