4 reasons why you should choose Dog Pack Collars for your dog.

1) Strong and durable.

All Dog Pack Collars wear is made with high-quality materials. Our dog collars feature a strong 600 lbs. tensile strength mold and mildew-resistant nylon webbing. They are box stitched which is the strongest stitch. And you can choose to make your collar even stronger by purchasing a metal buckle dog collar.

2) Lightweight and soft.

Dog Pack Collars are built strong but feel soft and lightweight on your dog. Like other collar companies, the base of my dog collars is made with a strong nylon webbing. What makes Dog Pack Collars different is that I take the webbing and wrap it in an ethically sourced earth-friendly cotton fabric. This is what makes Dog Pack Collars truly unique! A soft lightweight collar is ideal for all dogs but especially dogs with sensitive skin. They are also great for long adventures/hikes.

3) Machine washable and dry-able.

All Dog Pack Collars wear is machine washable and dry-able making your life as a dog parent, easy. Simply place any Dog Pack Collars wear into your washing machine and then straight into your dryer. All items will come out looking brand new. Washable dog wear is perfect for any dogs that love to adventure, swim, roll in the mud, and get dirty! It is also nice to be able to wash any pollen, dirty, or allergens off your dog's wear for sensitive skin dogs.

4) Earth-friendly fabrics and packaging.

All Dog Pack Collars products use an earth-friendly ethically-sourced pigment printed fabric. Pigment printing reduces water, materials, energy, and waste. All orders are packaged using recycled/compostable mailers and include a recycled sticker, recycled tissue paper, and recycled business cards.

For the fancy floof's to the woodland woof's Dog Pack Collars was designed with your doggo in mind.

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