Customize/Personalize your Dog Pack Collars Wear!

I am all about FUN dog wear and what could be more fun than customizing/personalizing your dog wear!?

There are 3 ways to customize your Dog Pack Collars wear!

First is to pick out a custom print. You can pick out a print or I will work with you to bring the perfect unique print to my shop.

Have a theme, color, style in mind? Reach out and I am happy to help! For example, if your dog really likes bandanas we can work together to pick out a fun banana print and I can make any of my dog wear with that fabric.

Second way is to add decals to your dog wear. We can add any text, your personal logo, or icons to your dogs collar, bandana, leash, or any of my dog items.

For example add your dogs name to their bandana. Or add a few birthday balloons!

The third way is to combine all of the above! Bring a custom print to my shop for you dog AND decal it out by adding their name, maybe a happy birthday message. Anything you would like!

Customizing and personalizing your dog wear can be so much fun and really make your dogs collar or bandana unique. I love seeing the prints people pick out!

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