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Updated: Mar 25

A Dog Collar is a necessity for all dogs. It's a tool but also a form of identification. Every dog has to have one, and it's something most dogs wear every day. There are many things to consider when shopping for dog collars. Luckily Dog Pack Collars are made for all dogs and are constructed with your dog in mind.

Durability and Strength is the most important thing about a Dog Collar. Your dog's collar needs to be able to handle any situation. That's why I construct my dog collars using a 600 lbs. tensile strength nylon webbing. All my dog collars are locked down with a double box-stitch, making your collar extra secure.

I use durable buckles both in plastic and metal. Metal buckle collars; can offer your dog additional strength and are perfect for adventure dogs and explorers. Plastic buckle collars; offer a lighter-weight experience for your dog and are great for dogs with sensitive skin. Both buckle types handle well in the water (not saltwater).

Your dog's collar is a tool, so the style of the collar matters, which is why I have two types of dog collars: Adjustable Martingale Dog Collar and a Standard Adjustable Dog Collar.

My Adjustable Martingale Dog Collars are the best for dogs who have smaller necks and for dogs that experience their "normal collars" slipping over their heads when they pull. My Martingale collars have two loops -one loop is adjustable down to their neck and the other loop is where your leash attaches. When your dog pulls on a leash, the Martingale Collar will tighten against their neck.

My Standard Adjustable Dog Collars; are designed in the standard basic style. It is a great design that fits all dogs. My Standard Dog Collars are very adjustable and fit a wide range of dogs. They come in an extra-small size and go up to an extra-large or giant breed size.

You can pick the webbing width of your dog's collar in both styles of dog collars. You have the options from as small as 1/2" wide webbing and up to a larger width of 1 1/2" wide webbing.

A heavy dog collar can weigh your dog down and can cause neck irritations. Dog Pack Collars are lightweight and soft, making them perfect for any adventure, for lounging at home, and they are great for dogs with sensitive skin.

I wrap the base webbing of my dog collars with a soft, durable, eco-friendly fabric. This means only soft fabric is touching your dog's sensitive neck.

Machine washable dog collars are a necessity in our modern-day. Washing your dog's collar can help remove any pollens or allergens for your sensitive skin dogs.

Machine washable dog collars are a must for any adventure dog too. Easily clean up after a muddy hike or a river swim by throwing your dog collar into the washing machine and then into the dryer. Your dog collar will come out looking brand new!

Dog Pack Collars is an easy go-to! Strong, lightweight, soft, machine-washable, eco-friendly, and FUN designer prints. Put your dog in the best and cutest dog collars, Dog Pack Collars.

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