Dog Pack Collars - My story on how I created my Dog Bandanas: 

Updated: Mar 25

Bandanas help show off a dog's personality, they add an extra dose of cuteness, and in some cases, they help make a dog look more friendly and approachable. Dog bandanas have found themselves in the center of dog fashion and I am here for it!

My story with Dog Bandanas started pretty simply:

When I adopted Darrow and Holly I was originally on the lookout for dog collars. But I quickly started noticing all the dog bandanas and started ordering some for my dogs.

Bandanas are semi-easy to make. And I instantly noticed the poor quality, poor stitching, and cheap fabric that was being used. I also quickly became annoyed with how easily my dogs would lose their expensive but poor-quality bandanas on the trails and our hikes. I can't tell you the number of times I had to go back down a trail looking for our bandana...

So it was pretty obvious when I opened up my dog collar shop I had to figure out a solution to the bandana problem. I started designing a bandana that would hold onto my dog's collars. I knew I needed these bandanas to be strong and durable so I made them two-sided and constructed the stitching to hold the collar.

My new Over the Collar Bandanas paired with one of my Dog Collars instantly became the signature item that I opened up my shop with! No more losing your bandanas and hiking back to find them!

The next issue I had to address was the quality of the bandana. My stitching improves every day as I practice more and more so that was something that would improve over time but the quality of the material was something I knew I wanted to control and was important to me.

I have shared with you all about how terrible the fabric industry is. All chain fabric or craft stores carry fabric that was made in giant batches using tons of water, toxic dyes, toxic chemicals, and have a big and terrible impact on our planet.

With a ton of research, I was able to find ethically sourced, earth-friendly, fabrics that reduce water, waste, energy, and materials. This is the best earth-friendly fabric and I am so thankful to have found it. Not only is my fabric earth-friendly and way better for our environment but it is also stronger.

With that figured out, once more thing was important to me when creating my Dog Bandanas.

I wanted my Dog Bandanas to be machine washable! I had two young dogs that loved to hike, roll in the mud, and have the most fun on their adventures. In the past, I had washed many of my dog's cheap bandanas and many of them literally fell apart in my washing machine, if they survived they came out frayed and honestly looking worse than they did when muddy...

Machine washable dog wear is SO important to me. As a working dog parent, I don't have a ton of time on my hands. Anything that can make life easier I am here for. Once I discovered the new earth-friendly fabric I put it to the test and started washing everything I made. I constructed all my collars and bandanas to not have exposed ends to help with fraying and I build everything to be as strong as I could.

I build all my products (expect bowties) to be able to easily go through your washing machine and then be placed straight into your dryer. Go adventure with your dogs and have SO much fun. When you get home just throw everything in the washing machine and you are done, enjoy more time with your doggos and spend less time cleaning up after them.

My Dog Bandanas are something I am proud of. I have worked hard to make them truly the best.

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