Eco-Friendly Dog Collars and Dog Bandanas

Three ways Dog Pack Collars is eco-friendly:

1) All of my packagings is recycled or compostable. I have recycled tissue paper, recycled stickers, and compostable mailers.

2) I use eco-friendly, ethically sourced, pigment printed fabric - reducing water, material, energy, and waste.

3) I am made-to-order. Being made to order helps me reduce the waste of fabric, materials, and labor.

Being earth-friendly in any way possible is a necessity in our modern-day. We have to do our part to protect our earth and our home! Being eco-conscious is something I practice in my day-to-day life. So when I created Dog Pack Collars, that was something at the forefront of my mind.

Dog wear is not easily eco-friendly - the textile industry has an abundant amount of sustainability and waste problems. So I had to find ways to combat this within my small business and with a bit of research, I was able to find ways to make Dog Pack Collar as earth-friendly as I can and there are ways that you as a DPC consumer can further the sustainability of your wear and keep it out of landfills.

Let's talk about fabric. Textiles are traditionally made in large baches wasting water and materials. They also use toxic dyes and harmful toxic chemicals to make any of your big batch fabric. The textile industry utilizes cheap materials, poor work environments, and has nothing I would want to be a part of. The textile industry is terrible.

This is why I only make my items with Spoonflower fabric. Their fabric is ethically sourced, free from harmful inks, free from toxic dyes, and it's pigment printed. Pigment printing is a process that reduces water, materials, energy, and waste. They also don't waste any fabric because everything is made-to-order and any returns are donated to other projects.

Dog Pack Collars is earth-friendly in other ways than just fabric. I also have eco-friendly packaging! I have found recycled tissue paper, recycled stickers, and compostable mailers! Dog Pack Collars is a part of the Noissue eco-packaging alliance which has planted 42,583 trees worldwide.

I am also made-to-order. Being made-to-order helps my small business reduce the waste of fabric, materials, and labor (I have a lot to do as a small business owner!)

I love being made-to-order and many people don't quite understand why - and while I understand it's a bummer not being in fairs and festivals. I will honestly say I still have buckets of collars and bandanas from when I first started just sitting in my studio... they are a waste. They never sold and will never. At this point you can see my stitching has improved, the fabric is no longer from big box stores, and the buckles are of higher quality. - They are a complete waste. This is something I learned quickly in my first year of business and knew I wanted to not be wasteful. In the first year that I switch to being made-to-order, I reduced my waste by 80%!

All Dog Pack Collar parts are made in the United States and purchased from family-owned small businesses. Metal parts also provide longer sustainability for my dog collars.

Let's talk about YOU and what you can do to further your dog's wear life. You as a consumer already made the first best step which is purchasing from Dog Pack Collars and you now know what my business has done to be eco-friendly. Dog Pack Collars wear is also machine washable which allows your dog to wear their items longer, makes your items last longer, and allows you to donate the wear after use. Donating old dog wear keeps it out of landfills and helps out other dogs in need.

Being environmentally conscious is extremely important to me and my small business. I take pride in the Dog Pack Collars I have created and I am always working to make it better.

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