Fun Dog Collars and Fun Dog Bandanas

Make every adventure fun and enjoy life more with Dog Pack Collars dog collars and dog bandanas.

When your dog is wearing Dog Pack Collars they will instantly become the cutest dog on the trail or at the backyard hangout. Let their personality shine with all the fun unique one-of-a-kind prints in my shop.

With machine washable, lightweight, soft dog wear your dog can go from epic adventures to lounging at home.

You can even dress up for celebrations and special occasions. From birthday parties to neighborhood hangouts your dog will stand out in their Dog Pack Collars wear and surely gain a lot of attention.

Let's add more fun to things this week with Dog Pack Collars Leashes!

It's time for matching accessories with our amazing durable, soft-to-the-touch, multi-purpose dog leash.

Dog Pack Collars Leashes are designed just like my dog collars with a strong and durable mold and mildew-resistant nylon webbing that is wrapped in eco-friendly ethically-sourced soft fabric. They are box and triple stitched at all ends.

There are two styles of leashes to pick from half leash/traffic lead and standard leash.

My half leashes are just that, they are a very short version of a leash and are best for vet visits, markets and crowded places, or for reactive dogs. They are one size/style.

They feature one main handle for you and a swivel hook to attach to your dog's collar/harness.

My Standard leashes come in two length options 4ft long and 6ft long. You can pick your length option within each Leash listing.

They feature a handle at the top, a handle in the middle for quick leash shortening through crowds or packed trails, and a swivel hook at the end to attach to your dog's harness or collar.

Slide the leash around your body and through the middle handle for a hands-free leash experience!

Dog Pack Collar Leashes are super soft to the touch making them a good experience for all dog owners. No more rope burn from a leash!

My leashes use one continuous piece of fabric so they sell out extremely fast! I have 3 beautiful prints that can be made into leashes today!

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