FUN Dog Wear!

When I adopted Darrow and Holly, I went, full dog mom. I wanted them to have cute fun dog wear that was also strong and durable. I found this surprisingly hard to find! So when I opened up my shop, I knew I wanted my business to be all about fun, durable dog wear.

Adventures with your dog(s) are the best. And Dog Pack Collars wear can help brighten up your explorations and make them a bit more fun- especially for those photo opportunities!

And if you're not into adventuring very much. Backyard hangouts and neighborhood walks just got stylish with Dog Pack Collars wear. Your dog can be the life of the party, look cute for your BBQ, or look adorable lounging around the house. Express your dog's personality with all my fun dog wear!

With Dog Pack Collars washable dog wear, your dog can be themselves. They can have all the fun they want and look cute while doing so. Including playing in the mud, rolling in dead things, swimming, laying in the grass, and whatever else they love to do!

Life is short so have some FUN with Dog Pack Collars wear!

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