Let's talk about high quality fabric and sustainability!

The textile industry is full of sustainability problems from the use of toxic inks to wasting material and water.

Too many companies hide behind Greenwashing and show a false impression of how their products are made and how earth friendly their company really is. Many companies are more interested in getting cheap materials so they can offer you cheap prices.

I want to be transparent and share with you what aspects of Dog Pack Collars are earth friendly and why.

First lets learn about how most fabric is made: Did you know the textile industry is one of the largest polluters of freshwater in the world?! Most fabric is made and dyed in giant batches. Using a ton of water, energy, and even toxic chemicals.

I purchase my fabric from spoonflower.com Spoonflower fabric is pigment printed. So it's printed from a printer! This reduces water, materials, and energy waste.

Spoonflower prints their fabric by order meaning they only use what is needed. And if something is misprinted or returned they recycle it.

I do that same! All my items are made to order so when you place an order for one of my product I go and make that item for you. Reducing my personal fabric waste.

Fabric has a big impact on our world. So having good quality fabric is very important to me and my business. That is why I purchase top quality fabrics and materials.

Let's talk more than just fabric because dog collars have parts too!

I sources all my parts from family run businesses. My metal parts are sources locally from Oregon too.

Dog Collar parts cant necessarily be recycled... they are not the most early friendly items BUT we can still do our part and keep them out of our landfills by donating our used dog collars, harnesses, bandanas, anything!

Donate your washed dog wear to your favorite local shelter or rescue!

The earth is the only planet with doggos... so we better keep it nice!!

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