How I picked out the prints for my *NEW* Spring Daydream Collection

Happy Maker Monday, I'm Megan and I am Dog Pack Collars!

Today I am sharing with you how I pick out my prints for each collection. There is actually a lot that goes into it...

First I do some research. I search for popular trends, colors, prints, and themes for that season. I actually look at fashion trends for humans because I have found we buy similar prints for our dogs!

This 2021 spring I found bright pastels, fantasy florals, ritual vibes, and animal prints trending.

I also have my own data I have collection from past prints on what themes sold well for me and what my customers are looking for.

I am all about dog wear for all dogs. I want my dog wear to fit all dogs and to be for all dogs.

I want the woodland adventurers and the city explored to be able to shop with me. So picking modern prints that fit both those demographics is super important to me.

With all this research and data in mind I go searching for the perfect one of a kind prints!

I will take a few weeks or up to a month to really curate a cohesive collection that really fits the mood/vibes and themes I am looking to bring to that collection.

Taking time to really develop a collection lets me fall in love with each print I am bringing to my shop. I am very passionate about my collection because I love them and I'm obsessed with the prints.

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