Machine washable and dry-able.

Updated: Mar 25

Three easy steps to clean up your Dog Pack Collars dog wear

1: Take your dog's collar and bandana off of them.

2: Put dog wear in your washing machine.

3: When done from the wash, throw it into the dryer.

You're done!

This week the chicken door blew open. We had our chickens running all around the property. So my dog Holly decided to take advantage of this perfect opportunity to roll around and coat herself in her favorite perfume - chicken poo.

Holly likes to do this neck roll that perfectly wedges anything she wants into her neck fur and of course her collar and bandana.

In the past, this used the be disgusting. But now that I make her dog wear and I know how well it can hold up from being washed. So this is really no problem at all.

Holly came inside and enjoyed... as much as she could... a nice bath with dad and after we threw the towels from her bath and her disgusting collar and bandana into the washing machine. When it was done being washed I popped everything straight into the dryer.

A few hours later and a clean Holly with a brand new-looking collar and bandana is lounging around our home.

Your dogs can look cute all the time and get as dirty as they want with Dog Pack Collars machine washable and dry-able dog collars and machine washable and dry-able dog bandanas.

With Dog Pack Collars washable dog wear, your dog can be themselves. They can have all the fun they want and look cute while doing so. Including playing in the mud, rolling in dead things, swimming, laying in the grass, and whatever else they love to do!

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