New and improved Dog Pack Collars!

I have wanted to upgrade my sewing machine for years now. In the past, I would need to purchase a new sewing machine almost once a year - they were not made to run daily for hours at end. But industrial machines were!

I am so excited to announce that all Dog Pack Collars items are now being made with my new industrial sewing machine!

This machine is so much stronger!

The machine has more power; it can go through much thicker layers of materials. It allows me to create a more straightforward design for my dog collars.

Instead of needing box stitching and a zigzag stitch to lock down extra fabric - I can now use just the box stitches to lock down all the material for a collar. I am excited about this because it creates a simple look that no longer takes away from the beautiful prints.

I can use a high-strength, mildew-resistant, and UV-resistant industrial thread. This stronger thread helps make my items even more durable. It will be featured in the body and for the box stitching in my dog collars. And also on the inside of my Over the Collar Bandanas. This new thread makes all my products so much stronger!

You will notice a change in the look of my collars, but change is a good thing! They feature less stitching than in the past, and this new stitching is more powerful and durable, so less is needed.

I am ecstatic to be producing higher quality, more robust products!

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