You Need Strong and Durable Dog Collars and Dog Bandanas.

No matter what kind of adventures you like to go on with your dog you need durable dog collars and dog bandanas that can hold up.

Back in 2016, I was hiking a lot with my two dogs and I quickly realized the need for strong durable dog wear. When I went searching for strong dog wear, I ended up disappointed. The one-color or even two-color nylon webbing options were simply boring and my dog Darrow has a sensitive neck so I didn't want nylon rubbing against him.

I saw a lack of strong durable dog wear that was also soft, lightweight, and fun! So as you now know I opened up shop with just that in mind!

All Dog Pack Collar, Dog Collars are made with a 600 lbs. tensile strength webbing that is mold and mildew resistant. Making my dog collars strong and washable. I wrap this webbing in ethically sourced, earth-friendly, designer fabric. Making my strong collars soft and fun.

At Dog Pack Collars you can pick the buckle choice for your dog's collar. Plastic buckles keep your dog collar lightweight and Metal buckles add additional strength to the dog collar.

All Dog Pack Collars, Dog Bandanas are made with the same ethically sourced, earth-friendly, designer fabric as my dog collars. They are stitched on the inside using a serger which produced a high-quality strong stitch. And then top stitched for additional strength.

I designed my Over the Collar Bandanas to slide straight onto a dog's collar making them the perfect adventure bandana because they will not fall off or become lost on your explorations.

And finally, ALL Dog Pack Collars wear is machine washable and dry-able. Making your adventures even easier. As dog parents, we have enough going on in our life the last thing we need to worry about is how gross our dogs wear gets. Throw any of the DPC wear into your washing machine and then straight into your dryer. Everything will come out clean and look brand new.

Dog Pack Collars Dog Collars and Dog Bandanas are made with fun, ethically sourced, earth-friendly, designer fabrics, strong durable nylon webbing and parts, and they are machine washable and dryable. Have more fun adventuring and less time worrying about the strength of your dog’s wear and how dirty they are getting it.

Happy adventuring! Love, Megan

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