The BIGGEST Collection in Dog Pack Collar History!

The next summer collections are heading your way! I have curated two beautiful Summer collections. Each is filled with rich colored prints that are fun and festive for this whole Summer season.

The Summer Solstice Collection will get you ready for the midsummer event and those dog days of Summer.

And the Summer Camp collection will be perfect for all your Summer adventures and explorations.

All of these prints are unique, cute, and fun! They feature rich colors that will "pop" on your dogs coat. A big bonus is that these prints will be stylish all year long as they are not summer specific!

Here are your next sneak peeks from each new collection:

Summer Solstice Collection sneak peek:

My new Summer Garden print is beautiful! This adorable print has all those boho summer vibes. It features cute sunflowers and little white spots on a pretty mint green background. The colors in this print are rich and will stand out this summertime. Although this print features flowers, it looks fantastic for all genders.

Summer Camp Collection sneak peak:

My new Follow the Signs print is perfect for all your summer hiking explorations! It features fun trailhead markers with picnic benches, RVs, hiking symbols, and more. This print is perfect for your camping and hiking adventures!

Get ready for the biggest launch in Dog Pack Collars history. The new collections launch this SUNDAY June 5th!

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