Three reasons you need Dog Pack Collars adventure dog wear.

Updated: Mar 25

Three reasons you need Dog Pack Collars adventure dog wear.

5 years ago I adopted my dogs, Darrow and Holly, and we started adventuring and exploring together. We quickly became bored with our limited dog collar options. Most were made out of just nylon webbing which irritated Darrow's sensitive neck. And we also needed our collars to be durable and strong because Holly is dog aggressive. Back then, she would also run away if she got the chance. We needed and found it hard to find a strong dog collar that was also lightweight and soft.

So I put my sewing background to work and created my own adventure dog wear company, Dog Pack Collars.

1) Strong and durable.

I make my dog collars with a 600 lbs. tensile strength nylon webbing that is mold and mildew resistant. I double stitch and box stitch all my collars. And I use high-quality plastic and metal buckles. This is standard for the collars you will find at big box stores, but what makes my dog collars different is...

2) Soft and lightweight.

I wrap the strong nylon webbing in ethically sourced, eco-friendly, cotton fabric. This makes my collars soft to the touch and lightweight for your dog. Dog Pack Collars are great for dogs with sensitive skin.

3) Machine washable and dry-able.

When you adventure hard you need to be able to wash up easily. Dog Pack Collars can easily be thrown into your washing machine and then into your dryer. Freeing up your time and keeping your dogs wear looking brand new. Washing your dog's wear can also help with dogs who have sensitive skin- you can easily wash off any allergens.

Dog Pack Collars- Adventure dog collars and dog bandanas.

Speaking of adventure dog wear- it only seems fitting that I curate an adventure collection for you all!

Let me introduce you to the new Backpacking & Camping collection launching this Friday, March 25th. I will be giving you a sneak-peek of each new print this week so keep an eye out for my newsletters!

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