My Top 4 FAQ:

What size will fit my dog?

Dog Pack Collars dog collars are adjustable. I would suggest purchasing a collar size that will allow your dog to grow, depending on their age.

The easiest way to figure out what size collar will fit your dog is to measure their current collar, where it is adjusted to, buckle to buckle.

You can also use a piece of string and place it around your dog's neck and then up to a ruler.

Collar sizes should not be determined by weight. Dogs may weigh similar amounts but need very different collar sizes. For example, my husky Holly weighs 65 pounds, and my cattle dog Darrow also weighs 65 pounds. Holly wears a Medium size collar and Darrow wears a Large. Their bodies may weigh similar amounts but they are shaped differently.

It is best to get your dog's neck measurement before purchasing a collar so that their collar truly fits them.

Quality of product?

I use high-quality durable materials for all my products. All materials have passed testing for rusting and strength. Metal buckles will not rust from water or washings but may discolor when left in water for over 1-month.

I use a 600-pound tensile strength mold and mildew-resistant nylon webbing under all my dog collars.

All collars and dog bandanas are made with an ethically sourced pigment printed cotton fabric. Pigment printing reduces water, materials, and energy waste.

All collars are double stitched, box stitched, and zig zap stitched making them strong and durable.

All bandanas are made using a serger which is similar to how a t-shirt is made- It creates a strong multiple thread stitching that is movable. They are then top-stitched for additional strength.

Are your products really washable?

YES! All my items except bowties are machine washable and machine dry-able.

Simple place your wear into your washing machine and wash on a normal cycle. You can wash your wear with anything else you would like. I like to wash mine with the towels from my dogs bath.

Then take your wear from the washing machine and place it into your dryer. Feel free to include your towels or whatever you washed it with previously.

All Dog Pack Collars wear will come out looking brand new!

Are your dog collars "okay" for dogs with sensitive skin?

Yes, I have had my vet recommend my collars to her clients with sensitive skin. Dog Pack Collars are lightweight and soft. Cotton fabric and a buckle is the only thing that touches your dogs neck.

Since my dog collars are washable you can wash off any allergens, pollen, and dirty that may irritate your dogs skin.

Plastic buckles keep your dog collars even lighter and are best for dogs with sensitive skin.

How do Over the Collar Bandanas fit onto a Collar?

Dog Pack Collars Over the Collar Bandanas simply slide onto a dog collar. They are designed to hold onto a collar and will not fall off or become lost on adventures.

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