Upgrades for Dog Pack Collars!

You might have seen my Instagram stories last week. But in case you missed them, let me introduce you to my new sewing machine!

After talking about it for years, I finally upgraded to a heavy-duty industrial machine! A heavy-duty machine opens up new adventures and possibilities for my small business!

I am excited to put this machine to work and bring you durable and stronger dog collars!

This machine also opens up opportunities for harnesses and other outdoor wear to match your dogs collars and bandanas! Are you ready for more Dog Pack Collars items!? I am!

One of the main differences between this machine and other sewing machines is it allows me to use much stronger thread! Stronger thread makes my box stitches even more durable and creates a high-quality stitch holding my dog wear together. This new high-performance thread is made for the outdoors! It was first designed for sailboats! The thread features: advanced UV protection making its stitch strength more durable and fade resistant.

My dog collars will look different with the new machine. Since I am all about high quality, the box stitches are going to be a little bit bigger. This allows more tension onto the dog collar, and makes it stronger! I will be eliminating the zigzag stitch at the end of each box stitch. This stitch will no longer be needed because my new machine is powerful enough to lock down the end of the fabric. The stitches themselves (not the box stitch) will be smaller - since I am using a high-quality strong thread, I will no longer have to use a double stitch which is bulking and more noticeable.

I am excited to offer you a stronger dog collar where the cute prints are shown more - because they are no longer consumed, with bulky stitching.

I am still practicing with the new machine but as soon as I switch over to it, I will make notices on my website and checkout pages so you know exactly what to expect.

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