Valentine's Day is Just Around the Corner!

Fur-Cupid has his arrow set on your doggo. Get ready to look CUTE this Valentine's Day!

Show your doggo some extra lovin' with my new 4-time best-seller XO Valentine's Day print! This elegant print features a black background with modern X's and O's all over it. This print looks fantastic on a collar because you get a whole row of x's and o's. It is a great print for all genders to look cute and celebrate Valentine's Day in style.

XO Valentines Day print launches tonight at 5 pm (PST) set your alarms-this top-trending print sells out every year and quickly so don't wait to get your paws on it!

Spice up your wardrobe for this Valentine's day and get some multiple uses out of it! Because all Dog Pack Collars wear is machine washable and dry-able. You can save your Valentine's Day wear for next year or your next love-filled event!

There's, even more, to love at Dog Pack Collars because all DPC wear is: strong & durable, lightweight & soft, Machine washable & dry-able. Making your life as a dog parent, easy. Go adventure with your dog, have fun, and clean up later.

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