Washable Dog Collars and Washable Dog Bandanas

No matter if you and your dog are epic adventurers or backyard explorers, washable dog wear makes life easier.

Throw your Dog Pack Collar; dog collars, dog bandanas, and leashes straight into your washing machine and then into your dryer. They will come out looking brand new and it’s that easy!

If you are worried about your dog collar or dog leash making noise in your machines simply wash them with a few towels.

2 reasons washable dog wear is a necessity for adventure dog parents:

  1. When your dog's wear is washable you can let your dog swim, roll in the mud, and adventure hard in any way they want!

  2. With washable dog wear you don't have to bring the dirt and mud from your adventures into your home.

Great for dogs with a sensitive neck! Washing your dog's collar and their bandana can remove:

  • Pollen

  • Dust

  • Dirt

  • And other allergens.

Keeping your dog's neck clean is a necessity for dogs with sensitive skin.

Your dog's wear can last longer! Keep your dog wear around longer by washing it. You can also wash any dog collars and dog bandanas and donate them to your favorite rescue or shelter. Keep them out of landfills and continue their use.

As a dog mom, washable dog collars and washable dog bandanas is really important to me.

My husky, Holly absolutely loves to roll in anything dead. Yup… #dogmomproblems. When it came to her dog collars and bandanas I NEEDED them to be washable and last through whatever she decided was her new “perfume”. She also loves snow, mud, grass, and enjoying every bit of life so I created dog wear that can last through anything she wants!

My dog Darrow also has a sensitive neck, many collars irritated his skin and I needed a collar that would be soft on his neck and that I could wash any allergens off. Keeping his collars clean really helps his sensitivity and he can wear his collars - which makes him very proud, he loves modeling for mom!

I love saving holiday prints and special occasion bandanas - I wash them and then store them for the next occasion. This allows my dogs to always be dressed up and ready for the party!

Let’s be honest its always sad when you see a dog in a gross dirty collar… think of all the places they go in your house wearing it too! (yuuuck!) Keep everyone, your dog, and your house clean by simply placing your Dog Pack Collars wear into the wash.

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