Bandanas-Black withRed & White Writing

Dog Pack Collars Bandana’s:

Dog Bandanas are made with two layers of fabric for strength; they are double stitched, machine washable, and comfortable for your pup!


Size information is in additional info section below.

Bandanas-Black withRed & White Writing

Style of Bandana
  • Over the Collar: Our over the collar bandanas slip onto yours or one of our existing collars.


    Small: Fits over our or your 1-inch collar.

    Medium: Fits over our or your 1-inch collar

    Large: Fits over our or your 1.5-inch collar


    Tie Bandana:


    Small: 21” x 6”at widest and longest.

    Medium: 29” x 9”at widest and longest.

    Large: 35” x 11” at widest and longest


    Matching Collar and Bandana Set:

    This is a unique design that we created! It will include a collar with a matching over collar bandana.

    Size: Collar sizes are below. Bandana will correlate to collar size.

    Small: 8” – 14” adjustable

    Medium: 15” - 22” adjustable

    Large: 18” - 28” adjustable


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