Custom Single Layer Tie Bandana

Dog Pack Collars Tie Bandanas:


Tie Bandans tie around your dogs neck. Tie at the placement you like. Shorten tie bandanas by folding top down.


Select below from "Use a fabric we have" or "Use a custom fabric":


"Use a fabric we have":

Tie Bandanas: $20


"Use a custom fabric"

Tie Bandanas: $21.40


I source my designer fabric from All prints are ethically sourced and desinged by top world wide designers. The fabric printing proccess reduces water, energy, and material waste. 


I will work with you to find a print that best fits your idea.

I will send you fabric swatch samples via email.


You may also find prints on email any prints you like to me and we can work together to make sure they are the proper size for my products. 


Single Layer of fabric.

Custom Single Layer Tie Bandana

  • Tie Bandana:


    Small: 21” x 6”at widest and longest.

    Medium: 29” x 9”at widest and longest.

    Large: 35” x 11” at widest and longest

    For a custom size see our Custom Orders page.

  • Machine washable (Some color may fade from multiple washings)

    Some glitter may come off fabric due to washing.


Holiday season processing time is: 7-10 business days.

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