Pink Heart Adopt Me Dog Collar- Buy for a rescue


Help a doggo look adorable and all ready to be adopted by their furever family!


How it works:

  1. You can pick which pattern you like.
  2. I make the collar and send it straight to Luvable Dog Rescue. *Use code: SHIPTORESCUE so you are not charged for shipping! I'm paying for that silly website.
  3. You pay for the fabric and I am donating my time, profits, and shipping costs. ( This is reflected and has been accounted for in total cost shown. )


Information about Luvable Dog Rescue is featured in INFO sections on side.


Dog Pack Collars

All dog collars are made with 600 lb. nylon webbing which is mold and mildew resistant, designer cotton fabric, metal D ring, and plastic buckle.


They are double stitched and box stitched for extra durability.


Machine washable.


No need to pick the size. I will contact Luvable to see what size collars they are in need of at the time of your purchase.

Pink Heart Adopt Me Dog Collar- Buy for a rescue

  • "We are a private non-profit, operating on the personal property of our founder, Liesl Wilhardt on 55 acres outside Eugene, Oregon. Luvable Dog Rescue has used Liesl’s land, buildings and resources, and exists thanks to the support of our neighbors and community. We are a public charity, relying on donations and adoption fees to operate. We are not open to the public, because our very small staff must devote their time to dog-care."

    For more information please visit:


Open online: 24/7


Office Hours:

Mon-Fri: 8am- 4pm

Holiday season processing time is: 2 weeks

Winter Collection pre-orders will be processed on Nov. 20th - Dec 4th.

Winter Collection orders will being processed on Dec. 4th- Dec 11th.

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